“MY EXPERIENCES TELL ME THAT… It’s not about WHAT you know It’s about HOW you are… With yourself, with your family, with your friends With the people you work for and with It’s about starting, building and maintaining good relationships in ALL parts of life.” by Dennis Doran


 “It’s not about WHAT you know, it’s about HOW you are…”

My calling is to help people become more successful people by talking, teaching, motivating, and inspiring them about the role of soft skills in our industry.

Everyone can improve every aspect of who they are.  This book will help them understand this truth and more importantly guide them to a plan of action.

“Every time I have the privilege of speaking and teaching, soft skills are the thread that connects all that we do.  I deliver my message with energy and commitment and engage my audience to motivate and inspire them about the fundamental and profound importance of soft skills.”

The construction industry builds the places where people work and live, where people meet and get to know other people, where great relationships can be built and maintained.

Soft Skills are about the vital connection between your personal qualities, emotions, and success in all your relationships. They matter!

Book Dennis for speaking and workshops. Topics include:

  • Soft as Steel – Your Qualities are the Difference-maker
  • Extreme Leadership – Taking the Radical LEAP
  • Greater than Yourself (GTY): The true leader’s ‘golden rule’
  • Generations & Diversity – Recruiting in the Future
  • Soft Skills are the hardest to learn
  • Emotion is not just about feelings
  • Differences are not a problem. They are an opportunity.
  • What’s your EQ: what’s it have to do with making a profit
  • Soft Skills = Success and Profitable Relationships
  • “Tools for Relationship Success” – Soft Skills make the difference
  • Leading and helping team members grow: High Impact Mentoring