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Have Soft Skills

I woke up to the realization that my calling was to help people in the construction industry become more successful people by talking, teaching, motivating, and inspiring them about the role of soft skills in our industry.

It is not enough to be good at doing the job. That’s about hard skills: knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is my goal to help good people like you reach your fullest potential by focusing on your soft skills.

Dennis was at IUPAT!

Introducing Soft Skills Talks!

I’m excited to announce the launch of a new series of weekly audio messages that I will be sharing with you here on the Soft Skills Talks page, and on my YouTube channel.


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Steve Farber

Founder & CEO The Extreme Leadership Institute

“Dennis delivers his powerful, actionable lessons about people and service with great energy and humor. He gets everyone engaged, keeps their interest, and establishes a connection that goes much deeper than a typical speaker, trainer or facilitator. And while he comes from a storied career in the construction industry, his content will deliver a critical competitive advantage for anyone in any field. I’ve had him speak on my stage, and I highly recommend you invite him to present at your event, too.” —Steve Farber, Founder and CEO The Extreme Leadership Institute; author, Love Is Just Damn Good Business, Greater Than Yourself, and The Radical Leap

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Soft as Steel will help leaders in the construction industry and elsewhere understand the fundamental, vital importance of a person’s soft skills. The book’s title conveys the truth that soft skills are for people what steel is to so many structures – essential to building something strong that will last for a long time. Soft skills are the difference-maker for people: They are the qualities that are essential to building and maintaining relationships with people in all parts of their lives.

I am going to share conversations I had with a wide cross-section of folks in our industry so that you will understand how to maximize your potential, as well as better understand the people in your life at work, in your community, and at home.


Milo Riverso Ph.D., P.E.

President & CEO STV (RETIRED)

“Soft as Steel” provides tremendous insights and analysis that can serve as a guide not only for those in the construction industry, but for anyone in his or her day-to-day life interacting with others. Dennis’s focus on the more intangible skills that accompany a good communicator and leader, is a unique take for our industry that everyone could stand to benefit from. He also cites plenty of real-world examples, either from his own experiences or from his “conversation partners” that provide the reader with ample utility and value that will help them better engage with their clients, business partners and employees.”

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Upcoming Events

IUPAT Finishing Industries Forum
January 24-25, 2023
Estimating Essentials Program
February 2-3, 2023
Supervisor Training Program
February 13-14, 2023
IUPAT District Council 16
AgileEQ Workshop
February 21-23
IUPAT District Council 16
Taking the Radical LEAP Workshop
March 13-14, 2023
Northern California Allied Trades
Estimating Essentials Program
April 4-5, 2023

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